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Louise Coughlin Ltd

Louise Coughlin Ltd was founded in 2013 to provide a range of psychological services for adults. In providing psychological risk assessments Louise Coughlin works alongside an experienced associate team, including Forensic and Clinical Psychologists. All associates are Chartered Psychologists and Registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council.


We have experience of working in:

  • All levels of security within HM Prison and Probation Service

  • Medium and Low Secure Hospitals

  • Community settings

In addition, we have expertise in assessing clients who have:

  • Intellectual disabilities

  • Neurological impairment

  • Mental health diagnosis

  • Personality Disorder diagnosis

Louise Coughlin Ltd can provide psychological risk assessment and expert testimony for:


  • Parole

  • Recategorisation

  • Pre-sentence

  • Family court


These services are usually commissioned by HM Prison and Probation Service, Solicitors on behalf of their clients, or directly from the client.

Louise Coughlin

BSc (hons), MSc., C.Psychol., AFBPsS

​Louise Coughlin has extensive experience of providing Forensic Psychological Risk Assessments and providing expert testimony. Louise commenced her career in 2001 and became a Chartered Forensic Psychologist in 2005. During her career Louise has worked in all categories of Prison and in Medium Secure Hospitals. Louise has experience of facilitating: psychological therapy; forensic risk assessments; staff supervision; line management; research; and consultancy projects. Louise is also an academic supervisor for Forensic Psychologists in Training studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University.



Louise's areas of special interest include: 

Risk of violence

  • Risk of sexual violence

  • Risk of spousal assault

  • Risk of stalking behaviour

  • Level of executive functioning

  • Personality Disorder assessment

To discuss further and obtain a quote please contact Louise Coughlin Ltd. We work on the basis that payment is made when the file is closed. 

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Louise Coughlin Chartered and Registered Psychologist                                                                                                                       
Company Number: 08798667 
Registered Address: 36 Ropergate, Pontefract, WF8 1LY