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  • Louise Coughlin

A lovely thank you

I am always so humbled to receive a thank you gift from a client. I understand that their life has (hopefully) changed for the better and I know they want to thank me for that, but I feel that I am just the conduit between the old them and the new them. The new them is inside but just need a bit of teasing out.

As a client you do the hard work, you open up, you reflect, you I just give you the space to do it. OK so there is maybe a bit more too it, but seriously I am not dealing with what you are. Of course I sometimes feel it too, sometimes I feel tears welling up, sometimes I smile with you, sometimes I love the wtf face that I see when a client has processed a is a common face I see when clients can not believe that something that they have dealt with for years no longer seems to hold the same emotion.

There are not many parts of life where you build a positive relationship but then hope you never see the person again. That is what happens when I say goodbye to a client. I see 'new me' leaving and that is all the thanks I need.

I did love my flowers though. Thank you, you know who you are.

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