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  • Louise Coughlin

A new chapter

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

I always intended to write a blog to say a fond farewell to the York Clinic but life took over. I've been at my new base for 3 months now and I've made it my own. The York Clinic will always hold a place in my heart for where I started out working in community therapy. I met a great group of people from a range of backgrounds and was even able to sneak on the odd massage or acupuncture session when I had a cancellation. I had some great chats with other therapists and my quick gossip with Karen in the morning was always lovely as she finished off her cleaning chores. I will miss the views of the racecourse and the walks to the pond or Hob Moor... Not to mention the closeness to some friends’ houses making a quick cuppa or lunch a regular event.

When Hugh, the founder of the clinic, died his family took over managing the clinic. They invested a lot, financially, emotionally and timewise, but, they had their own lives to lead and alas the Clinic had to go. Thank you to everyone I met and I hope life is going well for you all in your new homes. For some I’m sure our paths will cross again.

Back to my new home I had fun choosing the furniture, getting the pictures just right, making it a safe place for people to open up, to cry, to laugh, to be honest. I might not have the views but there are still some lovely people to chat to…and still close enough for those cuppas!

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