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  • Louise Coughlin

Exciting New Contract

In my last blog I commented on how busy I was on a work project. This meant some long days and evenings which isn't something I normally do. I’m very glad to say that work paid off. I’ve just been awarded another 4 year contract with the prison service to provide psychological risk assessments for the parole board. I have some fab associates who will be working along side me to provide these assessments...and am hoping to recruit some more to help going forward.

I am very passionate about the view that everyone has the capacity to change. That is why this is such an important project me for. There are many reasons why someone may find themselves in prison I have worked in custody to help individuals address some of those reasons. Although I don’t currently undertake therapy in custody, working with the individual to assess their risk of reoffending can be just as rewarding. Sometimes the reward comes from identifying the individual needs to address their trauma and finding community services to help them, or by recommending they move to a lower security of prison. However the reward can also be from protecting the public by recommending someone stays in custody to further reduce their risk.

I’m pleased to have been awarded this contract, but I also value that I am independent from the prison service and can also work alongside legal teams in assessing a prisoner's risk.

I’m still working with clients in the community who require psychological therapy and continue to offer supervision to Forensic Psychologists in Training. I am very lucky to have such variation in my work.


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