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  • Louise Coughlin

A little bit of 'me time'

I'm writing this blog on holiday. Not because I can't switch off from work quite the opposite...but because I've switched off I actually have the space and time to write this...okay so that might be an oxymoron but I'm sure get get my drift.

I'm currently on the balcony of our apartment having done a run through some lovely countryside (my legs hurt a lot as I'm used to flat and it is very hilly here) enjoying a coffee and waiting for the family to surface. Some might say 'a run, on holiday what are you thinking?!' But I love it, exploring somewhere new, having different challenges (in this case the hills), enjoying the peacefulness of an early start, passing only the occasional dog walker or fellow runner. Today I found a castle that we had seen from the City yesterday and wondered what it was. I would not have found that had I not gone for a run. Another benefit is of course the counterbalance against the inevitable excess of food and drink that is likely to be consumed!

I know I write a lot about running on my blog. It is not the running as such but it is an activity that is my space, space to be with my own thoughts without distraction (unless I am running up a steep hill thinking I am going to collapse only to be passed by three fell runners and their dogs), the chance for truly fresh air, a chance to give my mental and physical well being a boost. It could be any activity but I choose running. I encourage anyone to find something where they can give themselves that time for themselves, whether it be exercise, playing a musical instrument, listening to music, reading a book, or having a long bath. It is doing something mindfully without doing a structured mindfulness activity (which of course has it's place too).

Give yourself some me time people you'll feel much better for it....right time for a croissant.

It was steep!

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