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  • Louise Coughlin

A mountain to climb

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Therapy can feel like an uphill struggle, or rather a mountain to climb. Like a real mountain, in therapy there are harder parts and easier bits. There are times when you might laugh, and times when you will cry. There will be times when you just need a drink, or to blow your nose. Times when you feel like you could just fall asleep or have so much energy you feel you could run to the top. However your therapy goes I am there with you. I am not climbing the same mountain but observing from another mountain at a distance...I'm the one in the ski lift watching you. I'm not in the ski lift because I'm lazy, and I'm not hiking the same mountain with you because I don't care. I can see where the crags are, where the safe place is to put your foot. By observing from a distance and not having to climb the mountain too I can support you in your journey to the top. I can share the jubilation when you reach the summit but with the knowledge I took the easy ride and you did all the hard work. You deserve your special moment at the top. You are amazing.

A little nod to a client's resource figure, Lavender the purple penguin 🐧 also watching from the mountain top.

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