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  • Louise Coughlin

Be kind to yourself

Today I received a gorgeous bunch of flowers in the post. It was from a Forensic Psychologist in Training who had just submitted her final portfolio (next step qualified). The student wanted to thank me for the support I have given her as her supervisor. The flowers were lovely and the sentiment really touched me all day...just like earlier in the week when a client gave me a thank you of some macarons (very tasty)...not to mention earlier in the year some yorkshire grown grapes gifted to me (also very tasty).

These gifts got me thinking about all of the kind things we do for other people. It also got me thinking about how we dont always show the same kindness to ourselves. How often do we berate ourselves? Compare ourselves to others? Only see our flaws but don't think of our good points, the bits that make us loveable beyond compare?

Kindness towards others is amazing and can make people feel great. Please give yourselves some of that as kind to yourself as you would be to someone you love.

My gorgeous flowers...the macarons are long gone 😀

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