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  • Louise Coughlin

Good news about the York Clinic

I am pleased to announce that the York Clinic will be reopening on 12th April. I will be back in the clinic on 14th April. I am really looking forward to seeing people in person again and being able to check in with those who chose not to carry on with therapy online. For some people lock down has been a blessing; more time at home, being able to exercise more, not having to deal with their social anxiety. For others lockdown has impacted on their wellbeing in many ways. Coming out of a lockdown can be met with a different set of worries and concerns. For anyone who does not feel safe coming to the clinic yet we can carry on working online (in fact the clinic has just upgraded to fiber optic) if this is what you want to do. For those who want to come back to the clinic you may notice that the clinic has had a bit of work down - most thrilling is that the heating has been an era of having to have windows open that makes me very excited (but then I got excited last week going to the dentist as it was a trip out!).

Until April - keep safe.

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