Here are a few comments from former clients who have been kind enough to write a testimonial for me

'They say you will be successful at undertaking therapy if you find the right therapist. 


When I approached Louise I was in a bad place and an emotional mess. I was carrying long-held trauma around my adoption and the insecurity brought about by my adoptive mother's physical and mental illness.  I had known that I needed therapy but not had the guts to go for it before. The collapse and fallout of my abusive marriage triggered me seeking help as I was hopeless, sad, lost and despairing. I felt pretty useless and worthless and that I really didn't have that much interest in a future. I knew I had to stay on the planet for my children's sake and I knew everyone was saying I had got lucky in finding a new partner but I didn't feel lucky in life generally. I had no real faith that I could make anything work parenting, relationship or career wise.


I spoke to more than one therapist before choosing Louise. I found Louise warm, friendly and with a touch of humour too which appealed to me. She explained the various therapies she offered clearly and it felt like I was in charge of choices. I selected EMDR. 


It stuns me to find myself so changed in such a short space of time. I have detached from my husband emotionally knowing he is not good for me. I am revelling in my new relationship and making positive and exciting plans for the future with my partner and children. Now I can look back on good memories with affection. Bad memories are just stuff that happened and I can let them go. I am no longer immobilised and feel young again. I feel light.


I highly recommend Louise for the individual she is and the therapy she offers. She is ethical and will let you go when it is time for you to fly. Invest in yourself and your life and go for therapy and do it today!'



'I came to see Louise after a period of feeling depressed and low in self-worth. She helped me to identify events in my life which had contributed to repeated unhealthy thought patterns and behaviours. We worked through these using a combination of EMDR and ACT techniques. It was remarkable to see the therapy working week on week as I gradually got better.

Louise is extremely approachable and easy to open up to:  she allowed me to see that no issue is trivial if it is affecting how you feel about yourself and the way you go through life. I cannot thank Louise enough for not only helping me through a difficult time but equipping me with invaluable life skills which I know I will carry with me going forward.  I would highly recommend Louise to anyone needing help with any difficulty they are facing, big or small.'


'I knew something was not quite right. The unease I felt in an evening, the regular waking up in the night, a chronic skin condition, a lack of energy and sometimes anxiety, depression and low mood. I had hit that point in my life where I knew I had to face things; no longer could I put things off and just hope for the best. The deterioration of a close family relationship was the final straw. Many of my usual coping mechanisms were enabling me to survive, just about, but looking back they were papering over the cracks. So, for myself and for those around me, I made the decision to seek out help and healing...


EMDR therapy, with its moving light, instantly felt like a good fit for me and not just because of my love of the 80s show Nightrider! This therapy, alongside Louise's expert guidance, allowed me to access and face those deeper issues and memories that had troubled me for years. The healing and 'letting go' then seemed like a natural process. Louise's good humour and support allowed me to open up to painful feelings and memories - I never felt judged, which enabled me to be honest with myself. Louise also encouraged me to integrate my current strategies and beliefs into this process.


My sleep is now much better, my skin much improved and my energy much lighter. It feels as though I am not carrying around all that 'baggage' anymore.  This particular therapy and the process I went through has helped me to move on with my life and I think it has equipped me better for the challenges ahead. I am sure this therapy will continue to help others in the future.'