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Here are a few comments from former clients who have been kind enough to write a testimonial for me

Seven months ago, I began EMDR therapy with Louise to deal with traumas related to losing four loved ones (two childhood friends and two family members) to suicide in the years 2017 and 2020. Having seen mental illness at its worst, I was always conscious about the way I spoke about my mental state, careful not to confuse sadness with depression, and always sure to appreciate the broad spectrum of emotions that are intrinsic to being human. Last September, however, in what I guess was a bit of a delayed reaction exacerbated by everyday life pressures and instabilities, all the pent-up grief and trauma from losing my loved ones to suicide resulted in my own mental health issues – depressive symptoms, anxiety, the return of the panic attacks I experienced as a young child. I knew it was time to finally seek professional help and address the events that I thought I'd processed at the time.


Louise has been amazing at helping me work through all of these traumas in a very deep-rooted way. I am so grateful to her for her kind, considered approach, her flexibility in tailoring the structure and number of sessions to the individual, and for holding a safe space in which to talk about very difficult memories and emotions. Processing these past experiences has also helped me cope better with present stresses and anxieties, which is part of the power of EMDR. Due to the earth-shattering impact of suicide on those left behind, I found I never properly grieved for my loved ones, because I was in such a state of shock (even 6 years on). Louise and her EMDR process has helped to unlock that grief and let it flow in a really healthy way. I will always be thankful to her for that, and I would recommend her to anyone in a similar position. 

M.P 2023

I came to see Louise following the traumatic bereavement of my mum. This happened just before lockdown so to manage the pain I buried it deep within. I realised this was an unhealthy and unhelpful way of managing my feelings so decided it was time to process the trauma. My primary goal was to be able to experience emotions in a healthy way and grieve for my mum. I did some research and found EMDR treatment, I then searched for EMDR therapists and found Louise.  At the beginning of the treatment my head felt full, and I had very little capacity to manage anything other than day-to-day life. Since having the treatment, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, my mind feels clear, and I am able to experience a range of emotions - I’m also finally grieving for my mum in a healthy and manageable way. The treatment has changed my life, and Louise’s support has been invaluable. I would highly recommend Louise, and EMDR therapy. 

L.H. 2023

I engaged with Louise in May 2022 and she carried out a pre counselling review with me to get my background history. I started  treatment with Louise who discussed what treatments she offered. I chose to go down the EMDR route instead of the usual 121 talking to a counsellor. I can honestly say that the EMDR treatment is extremely successful. If you're like me (the old me), hidden behind a iron curtain and won't let anyone in then I would recommend Louise and EDMR.  I am now a completely different person. I'm more confident, I don't over think too much and I have dealt significantly the traumas from past. My family and friends have noticed how much I have changed. I will be forever grateful to Louise for bringing my true entity back. Thank you Louise.

P.R. 2022

I would like to thank Louise for her assistance with our son. It has been a massive help with his well being and recovery. 

Our son had had quite a bad time at secondary school with bullying. His belief in his self worth was truly at rock bottom. We have tried to get him help over the years, but with little effect. He immediately engaged with Louise, which had never happened before. Her work with him has given him the building blocks to deal with his past and to move on with his life. He is definitely coping better with life at university and to keep things in perspective. 


Bullying is a terrible thing for young people to deal with and unfortunately has such a lasting effect. We are very lucky to have found Louise, she is an incredibly kind and understanding person. 


A.T. 2022

I received EMDR therapy from Louise for traumas relating to growing up with a mother who was an alcoholic. Having never experienced therapy before I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I was ready to stop having terrible flashbacks, being triggered and living with mixed emotional towards my mum.


Louise is very professional and the thoroughness of initial conversations, stating the process, risks and benefits, made feel in a safe place to start my EMDR journey. 


The structure of past and current triggers, and future goals really framed the whole journey for me and I was clear were I was headed. Louise and EMDR have allowed me to reprocess memories and experiences that before I’d describe as heart breaking, into moments I now accept and they do not cause the same negative emotional reaction they once did.


This process has given me clarity, validation and guidance in “tidying up” my past experiences as well as equipping me for the future. I highly recommend EMDR and Louise.


J.S. 2022 

I came to Louise after years of struggling with anxiety about driving. An anxiety issue which, overtime I came to understand as representative of deeper issues of responsibility and safety. We used EMDR to look at the trauma of a car incident which was the trigger for these issues. Louise made me feel comfortable and heard. The sessions opened up a bit of a can of worms - relationships and childhood trauma emerged from what seemed to me at first as an isolated problem.  I realised I had some deeply held negative beliefs about myself that were keeping me stuck. Louise had tips for this too, using ACT methods and generally combining approaches based on my need. Some time later I saw Louise again when anxiety emerged again for me following a family illness. I have worked with Louise on and off for some years as a result of this. Sadly, I suffered further problems following repeated baby loss and received support through the NHS. During the wait, Louise has been on hand, waiting in the wings, willing to step in should I need to start private treatment. She has been caring, flexible and invaluable to me. She also has a fun sense of humour. I would not hesitate to recommend Louise and in the nicest way possible, I hope we don’t meet again under the same circumstances!

A.C. 2022

"A year ago, the only thing I knew for sure is that I needed urgent help. I was struggling with severe depression and anxiety and I felt mentally, emotionally and physically unable to exist. I'd spent a lifetime in dissociation mode. When looking for help, I was sceptical because I had recently had a bad experience with a psychologist who I hadn't chosen and was just assigned to me without considering many factors that influence feeling comfortable in therapy. As soon as I found Louise's website, I knew she was the professional I needed, just had a hunch. Truth is, when I contacted her I didn't even imagine I could experience such a different reality after re-processing trauma through EMDR. After working with Louise and EMDR for around 10 months, I feel confident that my body can self-regulate much better and that I have developed tools and healthier coping strategies. The journey has certainly been tough, but enlightening and life changing. My body and mind respond differently to the world and I had no idea that was possible. It wasn't until I started healing and re-processing trauma that I realised how cPTSD had impacted my life and kept doing it. It's like when you wear glasses for the first time and had no idea the world could seem so clear and defined, so I like to think of my therapeutic process as wearing new life lenses! I truly can't thank Louise enough for her support and would 100% recommend working with her and giving EMDR a try".   

C.N.J. 2022

​"They say you will be successful at undertaking therapy if you find the right therapist. 


When I approached Louise I was in a bad place and an emotional mess. I was carrying long-held trauma around my adoption and the insecurity brought about by my adoptive mother's physical and mental illness.  I had known that I needed therapy but not had the guts to go for it before. The collapse and fallout of my abusive marriage triggered me seeking help as I was hopeless, sad, lost and despairing. I felt pretty useless and worthless and that I really didn't have that much interest in a future. I knew I had to stay on the planet for my children's sake and I knew everyone was saying I had got lucky in finding a new partner but I didn't feel lucky in life generally. I had no real faith that I could make anything work parenting, relationship or career wise.


I spoke to more than one therapist before choosing Louise. I found Louise warm, friendly and with a touch of humour too which appealed to me. She explained the various therapies she offered clearly and it felt like I was in charge of choices. I selected EMDR. 


It stuns me to find myself so changed in such a short space of time. I have detached from my husband emotionally knowing he is not good for me. I am revelling in my new relationship and making positive and exciting plans for the future with my partner and children. Now I can look back on good memories with affection. Bad memories are just stuff that happened and I can let them go. I am no longer immobilised and feel young again. I feel light.


I highly recommend Louise for the individual she is and the therapy she offers. She is ethical and will let you go when it is time for you to fly. Invest in yourself and your life and go for therapy and do it today!"


Kate 2021


"I came to see Louise after a period of feeling depressed and low in self-worth. She helped me to identify events in my life which had contributed to repeated unhealthy thought patterns and behaviours. We worked through these using a combination of EMDR and ACT techniques. It was remarkable to see the therapy working week on week as I gradually got better.

Louise is extremely approachable and easy to open up to:  she allowed me to see that no issue is trivial if it is affecting how you feel about yourself and the way you go through life. I cannot thank Louise enough for not only helping me through a difficult time but equipping me with invaluable life skills which I know I will carry with me going forward.  I would highly recommend Louise to anyone needing help with any difficulty they are facing, big or small."

B.M. 2021 

“I’d struggled with low mood and self-destructive thoughts since my teens, and as I hit my 30’s I finally realised it wasn’t something I was going to just ‘grow out of’. I had tried speaking to a councillor and worked with a couple of coaches in the past; trying to find some direction and a reason to ‘be’ but it always felt a bit forced and I would find myself saying what I thought they wanted to hear, rather than dealing with anything too real. 


I got to a point where I was just straight up tired of feeling so rubbish all the time, and after looking into a few different people, chose to work with Louise as she came across as the most down to earth and made me feel most comfortable during our initial discussion.


Undergoing EMDR therapy with Louise helped me to finally address some traumatic events that I had never dared to acknowledge as ‘trauma’ up until that point. She was incredibly professional, kind and patient and I found myself opening up to her and the EMDR process in a way that I’d have never imagined possible. Being able to work through those experiences, without having to describe them in minute detail, was such a relief. It made dealing with the big tangle of associated beliefs and emotions I'd carried for so long, so much easier on me.


It’s hard not to sound like an infomercial, but honestly, every area of my life has improved since working with her; my attitude, my confidence, my relationships... I’ve learnt to respect myself and I’m actually excited to see what the future holds. And now, finally, with a new peace of mind and using all the tools and tricks Louise taught me, I find the little bits of joy in everyday life that I’d missed so very much for the last 20 years.


If you’ve made it this far, you owe it to yourself to at least get in touch with Louise and see how lovely she is for yourself – it might just be the best decision you ever make”

F.M. 2021 

"I knew something was not quite right. The unease I felt in an evening, the regular waking up in the night, a chronic skin condition, a lack of energy and sometimes anxiety, depression and low mood. I had hit that point in my life where I knew I had to face things; no longer could I put things off and just hope for the best. The deterioration of a close family relationship was the final straw. Many of my usual coping mechanisms were enabling me to survive, just about, but looking back they were papering over the cracks. So, for myself and for those around me, I made the decision to seek out help and healing...


EMDR therapy, with its moving light, instantly felt like a good fit for me and not just because of my love of the 80s show Nightrider! This therapy, alongside Louise's expert guidance, allowed me to access and face those deeper issues and memories that had troubled me for years. The healing and 'letting go' then seemed like a natural process. Louise's good humour and support allowed me to open up to painful feelings and memories - I never felt judged, which enabled me to be honest with myself. Louise also encouraged me to integrate my current strategies and beliefs into this process.


My sleep is now much better, my skin much improved and my energy much lighter. It feels as though I am not carrying around all that 'baggage' anymore.  This particular therapy and the process I went through has helped me to move on with my life and I think it has equipped me better for the challenges ahead. I am sure this therapy will continue to help others in the future".


Roger 2020 



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