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  • Louise Coughlin

Sometimes a little bit of what you don't fancy is good for you!

I remember one January when I was swimming at my local pool someone asked me what I had on my head. No I wasn't sporting some weird aquatic headgear, rather it was a waterproof MP3 player. Honestly it changed my life, because, lets be honest, swimming is boring. I can do mindful swimming and it is fab but after a while I notice that my arms ache or that someone is swimming too slowly in front of me or I start thinking about what I am going to eat for tea....add some music and I am off and can swim for hours. Now back to this lady she said 'if I'm still swimming at the end of the month I might buy myself a set'. It would seem at the start of January someone is already setting themselves up to fail and deciding they may not see the month out. I enjoy exercise, well when I say enjoy, when I get home I am satisfied that I did it, I like the effect it has on my body and my fitness. I am told by my husband that I get a bit grumpy when I don't exercise so clearly it is good for my mental wellbeing too - who knew!!!

Despite actually enjoying a good run, I am only human. There are some days when the warmth of the duvet appears to be a much better option that going out in the cold air. Last week I was arguing with myself about whether I should stay in bed with a cup of tea (which incidentally I also think is good for my mental wellbeing) or go for a blast. The run won and up I got. As I stepped out of the back door I saw the wonderful view on the photo above. I would have missed that if I had stayed in bed. It made me think how wonderful it was to be stepping out into a new day while a lot of people were still enjoying their slumber (ok if I'm honest sleep would also have been good). I did a great run that day, watching the sun rise as I did. Sometimes a little of what you don't fancy is good for you in more ways than you might realise.

It was still cold though!

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